The best time to take action toward a dream is yesterday; the worst is tomorrow; the best compromise is today.but works best if all of your books follow a specific theme.

–  Alvan Simon, Author


Out of Our Minds (blog)

OoOM 29/04/2020 Words (and what we do with them)

Words. Aren’t they strange and wonderful. And what do

OoOM 30/03/2020 Amazon Escapades

Another day, another tributary.This one, though, was the keeper

OoOM 1/3/2020 Agent Running In The Field

I’ve always admired John le Carré’s fiction.

OoOM 09/02/2020

Some years ago I found myself chatting to a bloke in a bar

OoOM 27/01/20120 NEVER FORGET.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2020, marking 75 years since the

The Machinist

Just watched The Machinist for I think the fourth time since

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