The best time to take action toward a dream is yesterday; the worst is tomorrow; the best compromise is today.but works best if all of your books follow a specific theme.

–  Alvan Simon, Author


Out of Our Minds (blog)

OoOM 07/10/2019 Joker!

JOKER!Wow, what a movie! No superhero/mega-villain shenanigans

OOoM 24/8/2019 Free Promo Enchantment’s Reach 1

Just a quickie today.For anyone with an interest: I’m

OoOM 26/06/2019 Going Places

I love to travel. Nothing beats finding oneself in a remote, or

OoOM 21/04/2019 – Extinction Rebellion

Joined Extinction Rebellion in Central London. Wonderful

OoOM 14/04/2019 – Influence and Inspiration

    I’m asked about influences. Always a tricky

OoOM 11/112018 Dawn balloon flight over Cappadocia, plus Pamukkale and Gallipoli

Dawn hot-air balloon flight over Cappadocia, plus the Mevlana

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