OoOM 8/10/2018 Enchantment’s Reach promotion up and coming!

Three weeks or so ago I shot myself in the foot, something I’ve learned over the years I have quite an unusual talent for.
Well, I announced here and on my website and a couple of other places that in about a month I’d be running a promo of the e-book of Enchantment’s Reach. Sales tumbled off the cliff accordingly as people decided to wait rather than buy or borrow at the time.

One day I’ll learn.

But anyway, that time is almost upon us so here are the details:
It’s a two-pronged promo.

PRONG ONE: for four days from next Saturday, 13th Oct, Enchantment’s Reach Vol One: The Orb Undreamed will be free, yes FREE! for anyone who fancies nabbing a copy.

PRONG TWO: on Day One, 13th, ONLY, Enchantment’s Reach Vol 2: The Orb and the Spectre can be purchased for just $1.50, less than half the regular price of $3.47. On Day Two, 14th, the price rises to $2.50 – still almost a third off. Day Three it returns to it’s regular retail price.

So there you have it. Rush over to Amazon and wrap yer mitts around those prongs while you can!
I’ll pop a reminder or two up nearer the time.


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