I’m an independent author of visionary fantasy fiction and metaphysical mystery thrillers, also a traveller, explorer of consciousness, lover of music, film, culture, nature and the environment, and Formula One, as well as myriad other things, and a lifelong Incorrigible Delver into the Unfathomable.

My fictions to date include the six-volume epic fantasy series Enchantment’s Reach, and the three standalone (though thematically linked) novels that make up The Chronicles of the Shaman. These are Moonblood, Heart of Shadows and Citadel. Another series is in the making, though not yet ready for the light of day.

I was born deep in the English countryside, far from the world. These days I’m a Londoner.  Couldn’t be more different, but I love it for its madness, mayhem,and rich cultural diversity.  The countryside still calls and maybe one day I’ll return to my roots. We’ll see. In the meantime I’ll continue to write books and produce blog posts that question and attempt to explore the mysteries of life and the undiscovered territories of the mind, consciousness and whatever lies beyond. In that regard, some of my most recent escapades have included travels deep into the Peruvian Amazon, Brazil, the Andes and Mexico, meeting local indigenous folk wherever possible and taking part in shamanic ceremonies and tribal ritual. Quite an experience. I’m looking forward to going back and will be blogging about these experiences on my OoOM (Out of Our Minds) blog page soon.

Why Out of Our Minds? Well, I’ll have more to say about this elsewhere, but in part I’m drawn to the ambiguity. We seem to be an insane species, a rogue consciousness that displays a tendency to cause harm wherever it makes contact. At the same time, we are exceptionally inventive, capable of love, caring and producing marvels. Out of Our individual Minds, as well as collectively, come countless wonders. Perhaps we do have the inventiveness to save ourselves from ourselves. I watch, I wonder, I live in hope that future generations will indeed have a future. Only time will tell, and time is yet another of those extraordinary mysteries that, like light, space and consciousness – among so much else  – we have yet to understand.

And here’s me being interviewed about my fiction by best-selling author and consciousness researcher Anthony Peake.

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