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OoOM 30/03/2020 Amazon Escapades

Another day, another tributary.This one, though, was the keeper of a secret. A four-and-a-half hours or so speed-launch trip upriver from Iquitos had delivered me to somewhere so far off in the Amazon Basin that I could barely believe I was there. Later came a three-hour trek through lush, dense primary rainforest, along with a couple of other reasonably seasoned

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OoOM 26/06/2019 Going Places

I love to travel. Nothing beats finding oneself in a remote, or even not-so remote, other culture, absorbing elements of the world with almost every breath.I travel when I can – not as often as I’d ideally like, and sometimes things don’t go entirely to plan, but that can add to the experience. I had a plan to visit Chernobyl

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